This Planning Research Project examines ways that transportation decisions affect land use patterns and how land use decisions affect transportation. Impacts of transportation decisions include direct impacts on land used for transportation facilities, and indirect impacts caused by changes to land use development patterns. This study analyses the case of how the development of the Southern Bypass impacts on the land use pattern of Kikuyu town. This research was guided by objectives as outlined below; to assess the existing land use formation along in the vicinity of Kikuyu town before the Southern Bypass, to assess the emerging land use formations of the town and their relationship to the Southern Bypass, to explore the planning interventions to harmonize land-use planning and transportation planning. The methodology for carrying out this particular research entailed in depth, longitudinal and qualitative methods. The methodology used covered the collection, interpretation, arrangement, combination and presentation of information in a form readily understood as summarized below: identification of the broad problem and formulation of objectives, undertaking of research and collection of data from secondary sources, conducting of field surveys and interviews, analysis of data collected using different techniques, presentation of data collected using different techniques. The major findings of this study were : lack of an upto date development plan for Kikuyu town, increasing population, land subdivision to smaller portion that are uneconomical, encroachment into agricultural land to accomodate the increasing population, change in use of town plots to give way to new developments, unsafety in use of the highway in the town section due to lack of pedestrian walkways and speeding vehicles, increase in PSVs in the town, lack of designated paths for different modes of travel. The major recommendations from the study findings include: Fast tracking the preparation of a comprehensive plan for the town to guide its development, policies regulating land prices in Kikuyu be formulated as these have the potential to rise to restrictive levels due to speculation,the informal daily markets, predominant at the roadside reserves, be relocated to an official space for such activities, segregation of motorized and non-motorized forms of transport, as well as provision of infrastructure for pedestrian traffic at the road reserves, is recommended, improved traffic management system along the corridor and the town in general and redesigning of entry and exit points into and out of the Southern Bypass within the town to mitigate the issue of heavy traffic and integrate pedestrian walkways.

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