The Mau Summit Secondary School Water Project. An Evaluation.

This study is basically evaluative and tries to explore the problems that continuously affect the rural development programmes in Kenya today.

The spirit of Harambee though so viable and still possessing a lot of developmental potential in Kenya requires proper management of local resources and the mobilization of self help at the planning stage the enthusiasm is usually high among the local communities but after implementation of some of the projects this has not been the case. Many projects have found themselves in such dilemma an example being the Mau summit secondary and water project, which in the study is referred to as the Mau summit project, and the twin problems it was bound to resolve are analyzed in terms of phases.

The study has found that local development initiatives require more attention because they represent the felt need at the local level. The government can greatly be aided in addressing problems at the local level with guaranteed community support if the local development initiatives can be supported before the enthusiasm among member’s wanes due to poor management and lack of finances.

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