Incorporating The Peasant, A Study Of Rural Planning In Kenya

This paper is the outcome of my learning experiences in courses at the Faculty of Environmental Studies (F.E.S.) and during field research in Kenya.  My approach to studies in the programme emphasised the use of knowledge in a professional setting.  While both theory and practice of rural planning were considered, the latter was emphasised.  Fieldwork in Kenya reflected this concern for practical application.  This major paper fulfils most of the learning objectives outlined in my plan of study as it has integrated practical learning in the discussed in Chapter Three, with wider theoretical issues, discussed in Chapter One.  This paper represents, therefore, synthesis and integration of my studies at F.E.S.

Fieldwork was possible through the linkage project between Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Department of Urban Regional Planning at the University of Nairobi generously  funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.  This support is greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to Professors MacDonald  (F.E.S.) and Maleche (D.U.R.P.), and to my advisors, Found and Bonnie Kettel.  Asante sana to the students at  D.U.R.P for making me feel at home during my time in Kenya.  The Department of Geography at York is also greatly appreciated for employing  me during my programme .

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