Improving The Role of Rural-Based Women’s Group in Rural Development: A Case Study of Alego Location, Siaya District.

Rural development is necessary in third world countries because the majority of their populations are the rural dwellers. The Kenyan government, therefore, has used various strategies since its independence as shown by the National development plan, to enhance rural development. The current development plan (1989/93) ‘District Focus for Rural development’ intends to encourage local initiatives. Women groups’ form the majority of local initiatives, for women are the majority y of rural dwellers. However according to various researches the rural –based women’s groups are faced with many problems thus are ineffective.

This thesis tries to look into the ways through which the activities of rural-based women groups could be improved. In this respect sample has been taken from the rural-based women groups of central Alego location. This location has many female-headed households is affected with malnutrition. The objectives of the thesis are; (a) to find out the reasons, which have let the formation of the women’s groups in the study area. (b) to find out activities carried out by women’s groups in the study area and whether they are meeting their objectives or not. (c) to determine the factors which affect the activities of women’s groups in the study area and (d) to make policy recommendation on how the role of the rural based women’s groups could be improved to enhance rural development

Findings of the research show that women’s groups in the study are have been formed in order to cope with the difficulties faced. The activities carried by this groups range from tree nursery, farming livestock keeping and produce selling. The main objective behind the formation of women’s groups is to improve the standards of living; however, it has been met due to both internal and external factors. The principal policy recommendation put forward is the need to narrow approach to that which addresses itself to specific groups of projects which are locally initiated and further research is suggested on the effective method of mobilizing resources for the rural –based women groups.