Comparative Analysis of the Small Scale Economic Activities in Two Neighbourhoods of Nairobi City, Kariobangi and Makadara.

This study examines the economic performance of the planned and unplanned small-scale economic activities in low-income neighborhoods of the City of Nairobi. Most studies on the subject have tended to raise the need for planning of the economic activities. It is assumed that planning for such activities will enhance their performance.

The study adopted three measures of performance; income, output, and employment levels. In examining the observation, a comparison case of the two areas is done; planned and unplanned small scale manufacturing and repair activities sites both within low income neighbors in Nairobi.

The major findings of the study show that planned activities perform better than the planned. However economic performance is influenced by factors such as initial investments, availability of working space, access to infrastructure services and marketing of the products. Planned activities were significantly provided with the above parameters than the unplanned ones .The findings of this study recommends the integration of the above factors in the planning for the location of the manufacturing and repair activities.

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