The Sustainable Buildings Policies in Developing Countries (SPOD)

The SPOD project aims to create the capacity for countries to establish a policy foundation for maintreaming sustainable constructions of buildings, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and to assist developing countries in efforts of poverty alleviation, social equity and economic prosperity.  SPOD will provide a Quick-Scan Tool (hereinafter referred to as  "QST") for governments to evaluate relevant policy measures according to existing barriers and opportunities at national and local level.

The project will also develop Policy Building Blocks (hereinafter referred to as "PBB"), which consist of tools and methodologies to design and employ the most suitable sustainable building policy tools.  The quick-scan tool and policy building blocks will be tested and verified in the two pilot locations, Nairobi (Kenya) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).  The outputs of the project will be disseminated through an innovative strategy of partner networks.


Kiharu Development Plan (2010-2030)